11There are many great watches of the Rolex. Such as rolex replica submariner watches, The Rolex eternal rose gold watch is one of the great and beautiful watches for the watch fans. Let us to learn more about the Rolex eternal rose gold watch.

The color of the chocolate, the features of diamond and ruby

This week calendar type to 18 CT Eternal Rose Gold manufacturing, with unique shine with chocolate dial, dial on the hour mark inserts have 8 diamonds, at 6 and 9 is inlaid with two pieces of rectangular ruby.This is one the reason for you to want it.

Rolex’s Eternal Rose Gold Watch

The Rolex eternal rose gold watch is made in paragraph oyster watchband and watchcase 18 CT Eternal Rose Gold, by Rolex own foundry casting. And then the Rolex eternal rose gold watchis sent to the factory for processing. This pink alloy developed by Rolex itself, but also joined the platinum, so that the pink send out a kind of unparalleled warmth and color. In addition, molding, machining and polishing process is more access to redouble careful care, make 18 CT ever-rose gold sporadic unique brilliance shine.
The oyster shell, the excellent symbol of the function of waterproof

The Rolex eternal rose gold watchis with 36 mm calendar type oyster case, which can ensure the waterproof 100 meters. This is the perfect proportion and elegant style. Unique to the whole middle case 18 CT solid gold cast. The bottom cover by special tools Rolex’s tightened, make case completely sealed. Moreover, on the list of the crown, it is used the patented double buckle lock waterproof system, as well as in the case firmly. Furthermore, a large aesthetic feature of the triangle is also pit outer ring for Rolex. The mirror of the watch is made of the anti-scratch blue crystal glass, in the 3 point position with a convex window, easy to read. This kind of design is completely sealed calendar type oyster case give accurate movement best protection.

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